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Hello Hooray’s fans

Sorry it’s been awhile since our last update, but as you’ll see we’ve been pretty busy…

Hooray’s to be found in new venues ….. watch this space!!

We are super excited to announce that Hooray’s artesian gelato and sorbets is all set to be available at new venues in 2018!!

Festive flavours & cocktails 

As any of our regulars will know, we thoroughly enjoy creating themed flavours for special days, and Christmas is no exception.  This festive season Sasha and Amelia our creative team in the kitchen have given us, Santa’s Grotto, Christmas pudding, Brandy butter, Gingerbread Deluxe,Fig Cheesecake and Spiced orange and cranberries, and lots more.
Festive drinks come hot or cold. Winter wonderland Hot chocolate and Hot chocolate Orange have been really popular with customers. Cocktail making training is always popular with our team and The Gingerbread Bellini and Cranberry Sours were definitely two of the staff favourites.


Take home pots

Our new take home pots are here. Launched at the Warwickshire Food and Drink event, the super cute environmentallyfriendly pots are reusable.  We’ve put a range of flavours in our new mini display freezer and there’s even great little Hooray’s freezer cool bags to carry your treats home.It


It's a bit of a secret...

Shhhhh…. Don’t tell anyone it’s live music night on Thursday nights in the bar….
So there’s a rumour going round that we have a secret cocktail bar, this might be true……  the only way to know for sure is to pop in and check for yourself !!



Kate’s Storytree and a Teeny tiny tots meal deal

In November we started hosting Kate’s storytree on Tuesday mornings from 10:30 to 11:30.  It’s open to children of all ages.  Many of you may know Kate from other venues, at Hooray’s it’s a free session and its being enjoyed by kids and mums alike.  After story time the mums enjoy a coffee and a chat, and for the kids there’s a special meal deal, a healthy platter with a mini sandwich, mini fruit salad, carrot ribbons, a Fruella juice carton and of course a free mini scoop of ice cream for pud.

Stratford food & drink festival

In September we were at the Stratford food & drink festival with Hennie, our vintage VW camper ice cream van.  It was great to hear the visitors complimenting Hennie, and saying “0oh look it’s Hoorays!”  We even made an appearance in the festival cookery demonstration tent, which was terrifying but also so much fun.  Showing the audience how to make and decorate semi-freddo’s, a type of iced mousse.  The samples certainly went down well, as did our competition to answer 3 questions about Hooray’s and suggest a new flavour and win a large take home tub.  Our winner had all the questions right, and her suggestion was Strawberry and black pepper, which turned out to be quite a challenge to make, as the quantity of black pepper to include was incredibly difficult to get just right.  

Party Party!!

Gin & gelato nights, hen nights, baby showers and of course lots of parties
We have hosted so many parties this year, from baby showers to an 80th birthday party.  Our upstairs bar and lounge area works brilliantly for informal celebrations and of course children’s parties.  It’s not just ice cream at Hooray’s, in addition to our regular menu we offer savoury party buffets and a licensed bar. It’s an ideal venue for all types of get togethers.  Get in touch on info@hooraysgelato to find out how we can help you plan your next celebration.



Introducing Craft Shakes and Paletts

Our Craft Shakes and Palettes are proving to be popular.  If you’re asking yourself what on earth are they??  Here’s a quick description – take the Oreo Stack from our Craft Shake menu, it’s a Oreo flavoured milk shake, with a chunk of chocolate cake, cream, chocolate sauce and a stack of Oreo cookies all balanced on the top of a mason jar glass….. so outrageous!
We came up with the idea of palettes for those of you who’d love to have a larger section of either gelato or sorbet flavours without having a huge quantity.  Served on an artists palette you can choose up to 10 different flavours.







Sigep – The world of gelato

Back in February we attend Sigep the massive gelato expo held in Rimini, Italy.  It’s amazing to see what a big industry gelato is worldwide.   We came back with lots of exciting new flavour ideas and fabulous tortellini from Bologna.




Have you met Hennie?

Hennie was born in 1974 which makes her vintage, but she’s looking great for her age. She’s super cute, and a bit of a poser. She loves going parties and special events, she’ll get all dolled up for any occasion day or night.
She’s been beautifully fitted out so the Hooray’s experience can be enjoyed out and about in Stratford upon Avon and the surrounding area.

Hennie will be stocked with your choice any of the over 100 different flavours of artisian gelato or sorbet , which are all created in the Hooray’s gelato kitchen in the premise on the High Street. So whether it’s cups, cones or sundaes you’d like to serve on your special occasion Hennie would be happy to join in!!

Hennie loves parties & events! So be sure to contact us when you are next having party, or organising an event.









First Post Q&A with Sara & Sasha

Why did you decide to set up a gelateria?


I spent many years abroad, and returned home and wanted a new challenge.  Something fun, creative – a new adventure.  We have been fortunate to travel fairly extensively, and one enterprise which can be seen the world over is the ice cream parlour.  I noticed the UK where sadly lacking in good artisian ice cream palours, so decided there was probably a gap there which could be filled.

The premises in Stratford upon Avon was perfect, but much larger than envisaged. Sasha offered to share the adventure (and the challenges!!), and over several bottles of “red” the concept which became “Hooray’s British Gelato Kitchen” was born. – Sara

Have you made gelato before and how did you learn?

No, somewhat surprisingly, we had never made gelato or ice cream before. We were trained by a marvellous Italian chef in the art of gelato.  So it is traditional gelato we make but with our own British twist.

Where did the name Hooray's come from?

For us “Hooray’s” has a double meaning – Hooray as in “Hip Hip Hurray!! it’s my birthday!!” Or “Hurray! Lets’ have ice cream” , and a little touch of Hooray (Henry) as in the Sloane Ranger handbook which is quintessentially British, slightly quirky, comical but generally all round a jolly good egg!!

What are your favourite flavours?

Sara - Must admit this does change. I used to be a pistachio nut (haha!), but once I tasted our Nocoilli (hazelnut), I was converted. Hazelnut with Raspberry sorbet and a dollop of whipped cream for me is just bliss.

Sasha – I am more of a sorbet fan! They are just so refreshing I can't help but have a little every day! My favourite combo is Raspberry sorbet with Ferrero Rocher Gelato and of course a flake!

Which flavours are most popular?

It’s a difficult one, sometimes we seem to have days where for absolutely no good reason everyone wants the same flavour, often it’s a “Mint Choc Chip day” or a “Kinder day”.  We do have about 12 flavours which you’ll always find in our display freezers….the old faithfuls…. Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla…we’re sure you can guess the rest.

How many flavours does Hooray's make?

We have 38 napoli’s (that’s the rectangular tins) in our display freezers, but we make more than 50 different flavours of gelato and sorbets. Specialities flavours for Christmas, Easter and even Halloween have been great fun, stretching our imaginations & creativity.  And sometimes the decision of what flavours to make just depends how we feel that day!!

The "Gelato Kitchen"

If you’ve visited us at Hooray’s you’ll know that we describe ourselves as a “British Gelato Kitchen”, which is both literal, in that we make our gelato on our premise, in our kitchen in Great Britain, and descriptive of our chosen theme and décor.

Our décor is based on a British Country Kitchen, actually it’s my mum’s  kitchen, but that’s another story. The phrase “the heart of the home is the kitchen” is a widely used in Britain. Growing up in England we spent many happy hours at the kitchen table,  many memorable moments & events are shared by families and their friends alike, around that trusty piece of furniture. It gives us a warm comfortable feeling. Living overseas in a different culture we really missed the British Kitchen, now we’re back we wanted Hooray’s customers to be able to experience that feeling. Whether it’s a celebration like a birthday, a cosy chat with friends over a coffee or time spent as a family, we want all ages to feel comfortable and “at home” at Hooray’s.

Best customer quotes

Sometimes the most unlikely people surprise you. The gentleman who wins our award for best customer quote, was, to say the least, not the type of chap you’d expect to say the following……….

Wife to Husband ..”So how did you know about this place?”, referring to Hooray’s British Gelato Kitchen on the High Street in Stratford upon Avon.

His response is a classic… “ Well, I put “heaven” into my TomTom and this is where it bought us”….Arrr isn’t that just too cute?

Funniest Hooray's response to customer question

So the customer says “What’s the difference between a cup and a cone?”  Of course we knew he was referring to our pricing, but we couldn’t resist stating “ Well you can eat the cone, but the cups made of cardboard so we wouldn’t recommend eating them!!”


A few reviews...

''Fantastic place and very friendly service and staff.''

Lots of ice cream flavours, but we had the salted caramel and nut slice. (A bit like millionaires shortbread but MUCH nicer!) Beware though, we had to go back again the next day for more, it was that good. Very clean too and even has a play area for small children.

5 of 5 stars - Trish Forbes - Reviewed 30th October 2017

''Story time and Breakfast''

Four of us went on Tuesday morning, so that our 2 year old granddaughter could go to Story time. Ice Cream for breakfast, what a treat. Our Granddaughter loved story time, wished we lived closer to Stratford so that she could go more often. Waffles and Ice Cream were the order of the day, and we were all buzzing afterwards :) Would definitely recommend for youngsters, and young at heart older folk.

5 of 5 stars - Sarah C. Reviewed 7th November 2017

''Mum and kids''

Good place where you can have an amazing coffee, while your children eating an amazing ice cream in the kids corner

Anonymous - Tripadvisor - Reviewed 21 October 2017

“Best ice cream in the UK with great service too"

Came here on a weekend trip to Stratford. Tried the snickers ice cream and was not disappointed at all. Love the venue and the upstairs bit is really homely. Looking forward to coming back.

Aonymous 5 of 5 stars - Reviewed 18 August 2014

“A must visit”

You must visit when passing - you will never be disappointed, and will never get bored for choice of flavours all served by charming and helpful staff.

Kim -Stratford Upon Avon - 5 of 5 stars - Reviewed 17 August 2014