We’ve teamed up with Emma & Pete who own North Cotswold Dairy in Long Compton.  All the milk we use to produce our ice cream is now sourced locally, which means the freshest milk. The Cotswold Dairy herd are award winning and with names like Mabel, MadCap, GoodLuck, Cameo, Nell and Edna what’s not to love. The milk is delivered in reusable churns which enormously reduces our recycled waste plastics.

We’ve been making a conscious effort to reduce our carbon footprint, as we feel it’s everyone’s responsibility to do their bit to reduce emissions.

Compostable take away coffee cups should now be a given for all coffee shops.  We recycle plastic ice cream spoons. Having had lots of debates as to which is better, using wooden ice cream spoons(which even if they are made with sustainable trees, use a valuable resource) or plastic spoons which can be washed, sanitised and used again.  It’s one of those 6 of one and half a dozen of the other kinda discussions.  We’d be interested to hear your views.

The big straw debacle continues, everyone hated seeing the horrific results of non biodegradable straws in our oceans on the Blue Planet. So, we’ve decided to generally discourage the use of straws, and the ones we stock are 100% compositable.  A lovely lady from A Rubbish Friends Initiative called in to the shop and told us about “Press Pause on Plastic Straws” which we support wholeheartedly. We sold reusable metal straws last year, but they didn’t fly off the shelf, let us know if you think it’s something you’d be interested in buying if we stocked them again?