Did you know that you can pop in and enjoy one of our ice creams at Stratford Garden Centre in Clifford Chambers?  There’s a freezer stocked with 14 of our most popular flavours, it’s in their Lime Tree Café.  So whether it’s a scoop in a cup or a cone, a yummy waffle or a dish of gelato for pudding, if you don’t feel up to facing the traffic and parking hassle in town, call into the Garden Centre to get your Hooray’s favourite.

We’d love to get Hooray’s freezers into other outlets in and around town, if you think you know of the perfect shop where you’d pop in to buy some of our ice creams, please let us and the shop keeper know and maybe we’ll be able to get together. Don’t forget it doesn’t only have to be a cup or a cone we also sell big take home tubs,  500ml, 750ml or 1 litre for the whole family to share, and the best thing is that you’re not limited to just one flavour in a tub, we’re happy to put in whatever combo suits you and your family or friends.