We have changed things a bit to keep you and all of us safe and at low risk. We ask that you follow our rules when you are in the shop ?

  • Please ensure you wear a facemask at all times, unless you are seated at a table.
  • Please sanitize your hands on arrival.
  • If you would like to Take-away, please order at the counter.
  • If you would like to sit in please take a seat at a clean available table, someone will be over as soon as they can to take your order.
  • Please can you scan in and register on the track and trace system.
  • Please don’t sit on a dirty table, please wait for us to clear and clean it.
  • If you need to use the loo, you are more than welcome to at your own risk. Please leave the loo as you would wish to find it.
  • Please keep your children sat at your table, not wandering around the shop.
  • We are operating with less staff than normal, your patience is greatly appreciated.
  • Your food will arrive at your table as soon as it is ready not at the same time.

We have these rules in place to ensure we can create a safe and comfortable environment for everyone.