Hello and happy July! ?

The sun has got his hat on (most of the time, anyway), so we thought we’d let you guys know about our online ordering system – less time queuing equals more time eating gelato with your loved ones!

It’s very simple – head to GoodEats.io/Hoorays on your phone (or computer, if you’re ordering on your lunch break!), hit the collection button, and make your choices.

Head to the shop and a member of our team will have your order ready and waiting for you!

Our online ordering system is perfect for lunch breaks, picnics by the river, afternoon treats with your little ones, or on those days when you just don’t want to queue!

In other news – it’s nearly the summer holidays! Kids break up from school on July 21st/22nd so why not treat your little ones to a treat? Booking is recommended! You can book a table with us by calling 01789 296613.

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Sara & Sasha X