As a company, we’re very conscious of the impact we have on our environment, and we try our hardest to help where we can. Today we thought we’d write a blog about all the things we do at Hooray’s to help.

  • Food miles
    Food miles can really add up when you’re making ice cream, so we only use very local milk (North Cotswold Dairy is a family-run dairy farm that’s only 18 miles away from our shop in Stratford upon Avon). We get the delicious, creamy milk delivered in reusable milk churns, that are delivered daily by our friends at NCD!
  • Eco-friendly cups/spoons
    When people don’t want to stay in and enjoy their treats, we always offer them one of our biodegradable and compostable takeaway tubs! And we encourage our customers to utilise the recycling bins, just like we do! Our takeaway coffee cups are sustainably sourced too!
  • Rave coffee
    Rave supply the delicious beans for our hot coffees – they’re an amazing coffee roasting company based in Cirencester. They are hot on sustainability and are a 1% company (you can read more about that here!).We’ve also found a handy use for all of our used coffee grounds – they are really useful in the garden, and we give our grounds to our lovely customers!
  • Duck food ?
    If our delicious crunchy ice cream cones don’t get eaten, we’ve found a solution! Ducks looooove our crunchy cones, and we put our leftover cones out for all of our customers (and the ducks of Stratford upon Avon) to enjoy. It’s free, so help yourself!
  • Less food waste
    We always make our gelato in small batches, which means we’re never throwing ice cream away! Everything on our menu is made to order too, so we’re not left with piles of old waffles. All of the cake in our celebration range are made in our kitchen by our star baker Lindsey in small batches – so we never WASTE CAKE.
  • We give back
    We’re known in Stratford upon Avon for our generous nature – we give out free scoops of gelato every week, support our local primary schools and nearby charities by donating prizes, and we raise money for charity as much as we can!
  • Seasonal menu
    We change up our menu seasonally – not only does this mean you can treat yourself to new and exciting treats, it also means we don’t have a massive menu, so we don’t have to keep ingredients we don’t need… which means less waste all around!

We always strive to help out where we can, and if you have any suggestions – let us know! We’d love to hear your thoughts.